Friday, April 17, 2009

Mills Declares for Draft

St Mary's Sophomore Patty Mills announced that he was declaring for the NBA draft yesterday. However, Mills will not hire an agent, which is a terrific move. This way, as most of you know, Mills can drop out of the draft if he believes his draft status is not that strong prior to the draft, or is not drafted (highly unlikely) and can return to school.

I think the wisest decision Patty Mills can make is to talk to Marty Blake, the director of NBA Scouting Services and who runs his own scouting service. Mills will get a good idea of where he would be drafted. No one, I mean NO ONE, knows more about basketball talent than Marty Blake. I would love to hear where Blake thinks Mills would go in this year's draft.

Having watched Mills often enough this past season, I think he would benefit from another year in school. He needs to work on his point guard skills a little more as well as his shooting. Plus, his St Mary's Gaels return basically everyone sans Diamon Simpson. I think if Mills returns to the Gaels and teams up with the increasingly talented Omar Samhan, the Gaels could very well win the WCC. That would give Mills increased exposure for next year's NBA draft.

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