Friday, October 23, 2009

Litos Always Has the Scoops

You'll first notice that I added a couple of new sites on the left hand side. First, is Michael Litos' always terrific coverage of the CAA at CAA Hoops. Second, I have been meaning to add the often witty Defiantly Dutch site link of Jerry Beach to our site and I finally got around to doing that.

First, check out Beach's posting on CAA Predictions. Then check out Litos' site for the Coaches Poll and CAA television coverage. Nice to see the Charleston Classic is back. It's kind of funny seeing where the coaches think everyone is going to finish. I am going to give away a little bit of my CAA preview here. I think they have VCU too high and James Madison too low. Everything else seems almost right (I also think Hofstra is a little too low and ODU a little too high - more on that in my CAA preview).

But three weeks from today, at this time I will be on a flight to Kansas City, eventually heading to Lawrence, Kansas. Preseason Number One Kansas vs. Number One in My Heart Hofstra (hey, you have to be true to your school). CAN NOT WAIT!

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