Saturday, January 2, 2010

Corrections to My Dec 31 Posting and a Quick Thought on This Site

Hopefully Evan Jones likes my articles because I have to give him credit for finding three mistakes. One, Eric Maynor now plays on Oklahoma City after a December 23 trade. Get trade for the Thunder and further proof that I don't follow the NBA all that much.

Second, Old Dominion defeated Georgetown for the second time in four years, not three. In fairness, I had in my mind that three years ago, Old Dominion defeated Georgetown in similar fashion, so I should have put it that way.

Third, I spelled Trian Iliadis's name wrong. Oh well at least I am giving Trian's some love.

To be serious about this all, I will sometimes not be perfect with my postings. As much as I try to be perfect and review my articles as closely as I can, there will be a mistake from time to time.

Also this is my hobby, not my profession. I have never claimed to be anywhere as good as Kyle Whelliston, Michael Litos or Jerry Beach and never will be. This is a labor of love for me as it has been since December 2006 when I started writing this. I am proud of the fact that Jerry sees fit to link to me and that Kyle reads this blog. To have someone of Kyle's stature read this is truly a honor.

I have had the chance to write for a web site on women's college basketball but at this time, it's s very difficult for me to write this blog on it's own. I have a full time job and am the father to two young boys. Now with my wife working Sundays and having to watch two precocious boys makes it even more difficult. But I think even with all that, from what several readers tell me, this has been a useful site.

That being said, this is what it is - a blog by a college basketball fan. I work very hard and try to be as knowledgeable with facts/statistics that I can be while sometimes providing a unique look, I think at college basketball.

Journeys are often not smooth and are a little bumpy. Hopefully you can stand a mistake or two and continue on this journey with me, with our love of the College Hardwood. You are always welcome to correct me and I will gladly give you credit for it. Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.

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