Friday, April 16, 2010

Surfing Around the Net

This is the time of year, especially on a day off, I like surfing around the net, looking for interesting articles. I found a few that might be of interest.

  • Cornell and Harvard have several talented players between them and NBA scouts are noticing in this Mercury news article. My man, Marty Blake is featured (wonder if he's talking to Rico Pickett right now)
  • The Dime has the best breakdown that I have seen of Gordon Hayward's chances in the NBA
  • Michael Litos has a fascinating article about the CAA realigning when the 96 team NCAA Tournament hits the fan. It all depends on the complete blowup of the A10, but there is a good chance that will happen when Shaheen and friends destroy the NCAA Tournament. Many people have talked about how conferences will blowup/realign. Kyle Whelliston has talked about a city conference, which I think Hofstra might end up in (sort of A10 meets NYC metro). But Litos has given some good thought into this and here's his take.
  • This article was out a month ago and though I read when it first came out, it went under the radar from what I could tell. But it's a damn good one. It's a study of several talented mid major players who didn't get recruited by big power conference schools but became mid major stars. A definite read. The article that referred to it is also right here.
  • Finally, it's not an article, but if you want to find out how Tim Cluess got hired by Iona, watch the live interview with Iona's Vin Parise here.

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