Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Homework Assignment - Read Defiantly Dutch When You Get A Chance

Hey guys.  I know this is my first post in three weeks.  Been really a busy time.  This month I have been administering exams, preparing summer projects, dealing with family stuff and I am here in Chicago for certification training.  I will be also busy for the next week or so.  I will write more in June once things calm down.

Here's your homework assignment.  Read Jerry Beach's article from yesterday about Hofstra softball.  And follow it up with my December 2009 article on supporting Hofstra basketball.   Jerry's right on target.  That softball team, which has been one of the most dominant softball programs at its level in the country, and Hofstra sports in general deserves Hofstra fans support next season.  I have been guilty as much as anyone by not going to see them play.  I won't make that same mistake next season.

Let's never ever again give our school a reason to take away a major sport from their collegiate program.  Show up and attend softball games next season.  And don't forget to show up and attend Hofstra basketball games this season to see the best player in the local region and one of the best players in the country - Charles Jenkins.

And here's a scary thing.  Basically the entire softball team returns next season.  How scary good will they be?

As usual, Jerry, great work.

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