Friday, March 2, 2012

Planes, Trains and Defiantly Dutch

In less than thirty minutes from now, I will be heading on the Road to Richmond for my ninth CAA Tournament.  Can't believe it is now the ninth time I am heading down the New Jersey Turnpike to I-95.   It's the first time without my dear friend Tony Terentieff, who couldn't make the tournament this year.

But I have a special guest for this road trip, the John Candy of road trips, Defiantly Dutch.  So we are heading down together for a 2:00 AM run.  If it was a Midnight Run, I would be traveling with these two men.  We are here for three days, because I have to get back for Monday for a trip out west on a family matter.

If you are looking for CAA previews, well, the best I can do is to link to others.  Dutch has an interview with Mo Cassara.  The Grand Master of CAA Hoops has his "Coach Speak" preview.  Phog Woodnight, aka Brian Mull, has his preview of the ten best players in the CAA, otherwise known as Colonial X.

As for my prediction of the CAA Tournament, all I can say is the following;  Expect at least two upsets in the CAA Tournament.  I really believe Delaware knocks off Old Dominion in the quarterfinals and George Mason is getting taken out by the winner of Georgia State/Hofstra.  Other than that, as always, figure on a lot of exciting basketball.

Oh, one last thing, I have a surprise for all of you, which I will post on my Twitter feed @gmoore21566 when I get to Richmond.  It's a first for me and for this site.  Again, remember to follow my Twitter feed later this morning for the big surprise.

And, Let's Go Krogering!

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