Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrating 12/12/12 The Charles Jenkins Way

I was trying to find a college basketball way of celebrating 12/12/12, the last time we will see the same numbers for a month, day and year EVER.

Well, I decided to celebrate by remembering one of my most favorite moments in college basketball ever, Charles Jenkins game tying and game winning shots on my 45th birthday against William and Mary.  It was made even more special by the presence of my seven year old son, Matthew.  It was during this game that he got hooked on college basketball and became "my color analyst".

My seventh year of writing this blog has been in some parts my most difficult one.  Having been away for the better part of four months in Columbia, South Carolina, I miss my family very much.  I have season tickets to South Carolina games now.  Watching games without my son sitting next to me is just not the same.

I will be back up in New York for eleven days starting next Thursday night.  But hopefully it's the next to last time I have to fly up there.   With a little luck, the house in New York will close soon and my family will finally be down here with me.  Then I will be permanently reunited with "my color analyst" and our new basketball adventures below the Mason-Dixon line can begin.

Also, I think celebrating Charles Jenkins' heroics in a conference game is appropriate given the news that the CAA Tournament is moving to Baltimore, one of my favorite cities, starting in 2013-14.  Plain and simple, as much as enjoyed my memories of the tournament in Richmond, Baltimore is a better venue all around.

Finally, this also goes out to the basketball folks at Hofstra.  I know it's been a rough few weeks.  Hang in there and hopefully this will bring some good fortune your way.

Without further ado, "The Wolf", Charles Jenkins. Happy 12/12/12 everyone!

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