Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick Notes

I don' t know if you saw this, but for the first time since 1966, ACC tournament tickets are being offered to the public. This is due to a) playing in the 30,000 + seat Georgia Dome and b) more importantly the economy. How this affects mid-major tournaments like the CAA, Missouri Valley, the WCC and others, remains to be seen.

Look for Northeastern to get revenge on Drexel tonight for the loss up in Boston. The Huskies were up 15 early in the second half before a combination of unconscious Dragon shooting and ice cold Huskies shooting and turnovers changed the game around. Against Wright State on Saturday, Northeastern looked so much like the team in the middle of the season that was in first place in the CAA. I think the Huskies have "Wrighted" themselves and will win tonight. Let's see if I am "Wright". :-)

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