Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tim Welsh , New Hofstra Coach? Looks That Way

My usual reliable source contacted me last evening at 6:00 PM while I was on a train heading to the NIT. My source informed me that the next coach of Hofstra will be Tim Welsh, former Iona and Providence head coach. This is the same source that gave me the information on March 1st that Tom Pecora was going to Fordham weeks before it happened.

Other news sites have noted that Welsh has been in contact with Hofstra. But my source goes further, stating unequivocally that Welsh is the man.

So it appears I was correct that the new Hofstra coach would be named Tim. But it's not Tim Cluess, who I still think would have been a great choice. But it appears Hofstra is looking to get a big name coach with ties to the local NYC area. Welsh fits the bill.

If I get more information on this, I will let you all know.

UPDATE - ESPN confirms my source. There will be a press conference Thursday at Hofstra announcing Tim Welsh as the new coach of Hofstra. I like the hire and I will give my reasons why tonight.

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