Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Additional Thoughts on Last Night's Hofstra vs James Madison Game

Something was gnawing at me last night as I wrote my article about last night's thrilling Hofstra - James Madison game.  It was that there was not just the 2005 classic triple overtime game, but that there was another overtime game in recent history involving James Madison and Hofstra at the Mack Center.  And sure enough, there was another game.

On February 18, 2009, there was a double overtime classic at the Mack won by Hofstra 99-96.  And of course, DUH, I wrote about it.  In that game, Wells went for 32 points and Jenkins scored 32 points and had 13 assists and 7 rebounds as well. And if you read the story from two years ago, you will notice that a lane violation by JMU in the overtime period proved to be a costly for the Dukes in that game.  And as you know from last night, a lane violation by JMU also proved to be costly for the Dukes late in the game.

Hofstra and Madison also have a recent history of close, wild, high scoring games at Jamesburg.  Hofstra defeated JMU 86-85 on Feburary 16, 2008.  And on January 24, 2009, the Pride defeated the Dukes 69-68.  Think about it, four games separated by a total of seven points.  All won by Hofstra.   And the Pride have in fact won twelve in a row vs. JMU.

Whatever it is with these two teams, whenever you get James Madison and Hofstra together, a wild, wacky, high scoring overtime game is quite likely.  Whether we will get one more Madison-Hofstra game in the CAA Tournament season, well, stay tuned.

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