Friday, January 28, 2011

For Your Reading Pleasure, I Hope

Kyle Whelliston, author- founder extraordinare of the Mid-Majority.Com site, has recently started the "800 Game Project.   The "800 Game Project" features submitted articles from various writers throughout the country on games they have attended recently.   I submitted an article Tuesday about the Monday night Hofstra-JMU classic.  Kyle was kind enough to feature it today.  Hope you enjoy.

Also, I highly encourage any of you to submit a story for the 800 Game Project for the Mid Majority site.  The idea is for fans to write a story about a live mid major Division I College Basketball game (if you need to know the MidMajority's mid major criteria, you can find it here).  When you write it, as Kyle states on his site often, don't just do a game report you can find via an AP feed.  Write about your experience there, what it's like to be a fan for your team, any unique events at the game, etc.   The idea is it's all about the fan's experience of the game.

I hope to have an article about last night's Hofstra - VCU game later tonight...after I take my kids to Monster Jam at Nassau Coliseum.  Such is life with two little boys who LOVE monster trucks.

Tomorrow is a live game doubleheader - St Bonaventure vs. Fordham, then Drexel vs. Hofstra.  You can follow my tweets at gmoore21566.  But, remember, there is nothing, NOTHING, better than going to a live college basketball game yourself.  Now, go out and do it!  And if you can, write about it!

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