Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Good...

Since Tennessee couldn't hit the side of a barn, a shot, or most importantly, a free throw at the end of the game, Mississippi State wins the SEC Championship 64-61, taking another bubble spot away. The Vols had a chance to tie with 11 seconds left down 62-61 but missed the second of two free throws. The Vols got the ball back after the Bulldogs couldn't corral the rebound. Then both teams managed to not be able to inbound the ball three consecutive times with the Bulldogs stealing the second Vols inbound attempts and then hit two free throws to ice it. The Volunteers shot an ugly 29 percent from the field on the game.

As a result another bubble spot is gone. Precariously on the edge are most likely St Mary's, Creighton, Maryland and I think a surprise fourth team. My guess is that based on non-conference road wins, St Mary's eeks out Creighton and the Gaels dance and the Bluejays don't. Hopefully I am wrong and both teams make it, but that's my guess at the moment.

An interesting development is that don't be surprised if Dayton is that surprise fourth team being considered as one of the last final ins or outs. The Flyers do have a marquee neutral site win over Marquette but that's it as far as signature non-conference wins. They have a road loss at Creighton which may come back to haunt them, their road/neutral site record is 8-7, their non-conference SOS is 120, they have lost four of their last seven ball games and are 7-5 in their last 12 games.

I am taking a nap. I need it before Selection Sunday.

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