Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Notes

A couple of news items in the "not surprising" category.

Seth Curry and his 20.2 points per game scoring average are transferring from Liberty after one season. I have noted a few times on here that it was surprising he was at Liberty and not at Davidson where he could have teamed with his brother Steph and made Davidson a serious force to be reckoned with this year. I would be surprised if he ends up transferring to Davidson since a) he has to sit out a year and his brother only has a season left and b) it's not quite up to what Curry says is taking "advantage of new opportunities that may be available to me in a higher-rated conference".

I am not sure Curry is quite power conference material, say Virginia Tech where his dad went to school. I might be wrong but my guess is that he ends up in the A10 perhaps on Richmond.

Our second not surprising story is Anthony Grant made a second visit to the University of Alabama today. With Eric Maynor graduating and next season potentially being a struggle in the first year without him as a coach of VCU, Grant is making the most of his two NCAA Tournament appearances. Stick a fork in him, he will be shortly named coach of the Crimson Tide. The concern VCU fans should have is whether Larry Sanders will follow him to Alabama. Don't be surprised if you see that happen.

A key thing to note in tonight's St Mary's - San Diego State game at 9:00 PM on ESPN2. Diamon Simpson needs to shoot better from the free throw line. He was 0 for 5 from the line Monday against Davidson and some of the shots were absolutely brutal. One of them hit the bottom front of the rim with only the top third of the basketball. It was ugly. His shooting style from the line is consistently low line drive and barely gets above the rim. Thus his shooting percentage is 59 percent. Don't be surprised if it is close tonight that the Aztecs pull a "Hack a Shaq" and foul him a lot.

In the Division II Quarterfinals, #2 ranked C.W. Post takes on #1 Findlay, Ohio in the final game of the day (8:30 PM Eastern start) in Springfield Mass. You can see the video here. How the #2 ranked team takes on the #1 ranked team in the country in the quarters is beyond me. Who is doing the pairing, C.M. Newton? The Division II semifinals are tomorrow night with the championship on Saturday afternoon in Springfield, Mass.

Finally, here's something that involves college basketball, well in a way. I was at a conference in Philadelphia which features the users of the campus integrated system/web portal that many universities use, including Hofstra. Well yesterday, they had a contest of what school had the best web portal (if you don't know what that is, go to wikipedia). Hofstra was one of the contestants (and finished second to Plymouth State). The contest was called "Luminus Idol" (Luminius is the name of the portal system that many of universities, including Hofstra use)

Anyway, Texas A&M was supposed to be one of the contestants. When the host announced it was Texas A&M's turn, no one ever came up. After a few seconds, the contest host then stated "I guess no one from A&M showed up."

I shouted out "That's OK. They didn't show up for UConn either!"

A loud "OOOOOOOHHH" followed up with a good number of laughs. (as you know UConn smoked Texas A&M by 26 in ironically Philly on Saturday)

Thought you would all enjoy that.

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