Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notice the Change?

Yes, I have changed the name of this site. I have been thinking about this for a while. A lot of my writing deals with mid major basketball, the 22 conferences that compromise that fiefdom (remember the A10 is not a mid major here. It's a "Wannabe Conference", which is what I also call the Mountain West and Conference USA. More on that in a future column).

But a lot of my writing in the past few seasons has dealt with women's college basketball, specifically the Iona Lady Gaels, coached by my friend Anthony Bozzella. Also, in the past year I have written about Division II (C.W. Post who lost a heartbreaker in the D II Quarterfinals last night in OT - more tomorrow) and Division III (my articles on St Joseph's and coach John Mateyko, a Jim Larranaga disciple). So to me, there is more to the college basketball universe than just the mid majors (don't worry, my home base is still Hofstra, so the mid majors will still gets lots of virtual ink here). So thus the name change. Welcome to the Alternate College Basketball Universe. And yes, once in a while I will talk about the Power Conferences. But here, they are just a small part of this universe. :-)

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