Monday, November 2, 2009

A Must Read

Kyle Whelliston is one of my favorite writers. Not just on college basketball, but in general. I always look forward to a new posting on the Mid Majority. I didn't get a chance to read his sixth season starting article which came online yesterday, but I read it today.

All I can say is....Wow. This might be his best article yet. If you are looking for college basketball insight, this is not the article. But if you want read about the story of one man's journey of the past year of his thoughts, his look on life and the possible end of his college basketball writing career, this is an article for you. It's a very revealing, honest look into a person's soul. And it is written so, so well.

I have had the honor of communicating with Kyle the past couple of years via e-mail and I consider him a friend. For those of you familiar with the Mid Majority, Bally is the Official mascot of the Mid Majority. And I purchased two Ballys in the Spring. The picture of the two Ballys with my sons Matthew and Jonathan while playing their favorite hoops games is on the side of the home page of this site. It's one of my favorite pictures of them and it always reminds me of Kyle and the Mid Majority.

If you are a fan of my site, I ask you one favor. Go to the Mid Majority site and read the November 1st article entitled "Prologue: Everything's Different Now".

As I wrote this, my older son Matthew came in asking a question. After he did, he noticed one of his small counter top basketball hoops and started singing "Basketball, Basketball" and took the hoop away looking for a ball to play. I kid you not.

Kyle, that one was for you. Here's to another great season of the Mid Majority!

PS - I already see Kyle has written a new article today called "The ESPN Years". Can't wait to read it!

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