Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick Musings

Some quick things here. First, I was going to be at both rounds of the preseason NIT tomorrow and Tuesday and potentially provide live coverage. However, I have an urgent family matter to take care of. So I won't be there tomorrow for sure and Tuesday is in doubt.

My friend Tony Bozzella's Iona women's team host it's annual Tip Off Classic this weekend. They lost a heartbreaker in overtime yesterday to Arizona (to get Arizona to come out to Iona is a testament to Bo) and then they beat Bucknell today. Good comeback after a tough loss. Looking forward to see the Lady Gaels make their run to winning the MAAC this year.

As for those of you who follow this site, our feature coverage is the CAA. William and Mary is really snakebit. Two close games, two close losses. They played nationally ranked UConn as close as they could, losing by nine to the Huskies. Then today, the Mary, as Tieff calls them, came back from a first half deficit to force overtime. Then a second overtime. Then a third overtime. Then Harvard's Jeremy Lin hit a three pointer at the buzzer at the end of overtime as the H beat the Mary 87-85.

Speaking of the Mary, I was sitting in my non working room phone/no toilet paper hotel room in Kansas Saturday morning watching ESPNNews. The UConn/William and Mary highlights came on and the broadcaster talked about how close the game was. However, there was NOT ONE highlight of the Mary. It was all UConn dunks. If you are going to talk about how close the game was, how about you show one of the Tribe's thirteen three pointers in the game. Horrible coverage.

A couple of things I didn't note about the Hofstra- Kansas game in my column yesterday. First, when the Hofstra lineup was announced, the entire Kansas student section held up newspapers to their faces, as if to feign indifference/ignore the Hofstra team. No vulgar language, no "You Suck!" as a certain team's fans yell during the opposing team's lineup. It was both funny and classy.

I failed to give Tyshawn Taylor credit for his defense on Charles Jenkins in the first half. Taylor held Jenkins to five points before Jenkins went off on a second half run. Also, Halil Kanacevic had a double double Friday. Didn't realize that till my friend Grant said that to me in the car. Makes his performance even more impressive. If I was Tom Pecora, I would start Kanacevic tomorrow against Yale and sit Greg Washington as a reward for his good play.


  1. Hope your mother feels better soon.

  2. And after the opponents are introduced, those newspapers are quickly torn up to serve as confetti, which gets thrown during the Kansas introductions and other appropriate times.

    We recycle in Kansas.

  3. As one of the five W&M fans on the Internet, I salute your sticking up for our guys. Bravo.