Friday, February 26, 2010

Want to Hurt Your Head? And Rooting Advice for William and Mary Fans

As I said, if you want a migrane, then go read Michael Litos's CAA tiebreakers. Litos talked about how you have to read it four times. Hell, it just hurt my head reading it once, especially the tiebreakers for eighth!

But one thing I did notice. I thought if W&M and VCU tied for fourth that W&M won the tiebreaker based on their record against the team above them, George Mason. It turns out the tiebreaker is based on their record against the first place team, which currently is ODU. Thus VCU has the tiebreaker, since they have at least one win vs. ODU (they play again at Constant on Saturday), while W&M lost both to ODU. So sorry I was wrong, But if it makes you feel better, I just read all of the CAA tiebreakers again for punishment.

So for you Tribe fans, this is what you want. First a win at improving UNCW, which won't be easy. The Seahawks were winning for most of the game vs. Northeastern, played tough on the road against Radford, then went to Philly and knocked off Drexel. And the UNCW fans appear to be rallying behind interim coach Brooks Lee.

Next Tribe fans, you want chalk. Yes, chalk. You want Northeastern to win at Mason and ODU to win at home vs. VCU. If W&M wins and Northeastern wins, the Tribe gets third no matter what VCU does based on tiebreakers. If only ODU wins, the Tribe gets fourth. Still an automatic bye. The only thing W&.., oh cmon Gar say it, Mary fans don't want to see is George Mason and VCU win. Then W&M is still tied with VCU and the Tribe finishes fifth.

See what happens when you to lose at home to Towson.

And thanks to Jerry Beach for linking to my recent article in his latest posting. Love the picture that starts his article. Bet that was Litos as he was writing his article. Litos, Beach and myself have all given up on the Haves and Have Nots in the CAA. It's a free for all now after Wednesday's action.

Be back later with the Mid Majors Baker's Dozen. I would like to thank the Evansville Purple Aces for delaying that sucker.

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