Monday, April 4, 2011

For Your Viewing

Here's a few links to enjoy before today's game.  My review of Saturday's games and my prediction for Sunday are listed in the previous article.

Someone who came across my blog suggested this article.  It's what they think is the Top Ten Most Memorable Mid Major Tourney Teams.  It was obviously done before VCU's and Butler's runs this season.  And if you are a long time reader of this blog, you well know I don't consider Conference USA teams (Tulsa) or Atlantic 10 teams (Temple and St Joseph's) as mid-majors.

And I have a problem with some of their selections.  First the teams are from the past eleven years (earliest team is Gonzaga 1999).  Any discussion of Top Ten Most Memorable Mid Major Tourney Teams HAS to include Missouri Valley member Indiana State in 1979 as well as Ivy League member Penn who was also there in 1979. Also, I have a problem with the order of the list.   2008 Davidson should be third as 1999 Gonzaga was considered a better team and I think was poorly seeded.  What Curry's 10th seeded team did was truly amazing and having seen their first two games myself, it was more impressive than the Adam Morrison led Bulldogs.  Finally Kent State should have been higher up in the order as well.  That team had Antonio Gates and won 30 games.

Brian Mull has a terrific article on how three of the bottom CAA teams may surprise next season.  If I had to pick one team, it's definitely William and Mary.  Quinn McDowell is my early pick for CAA Player of the Year in 2011-12.   Plus I really like their guards Julian Boatner and Brandon Britt.

John Gasaway and Ken Pomeroy play National Championship Crossfire on BasketballProspectus.Com.

Gary Parrish has written a nice story on Butler.  Brad Stevens yelled at the TV when TCU wasn't included in the BCS?!  I thought he didn't even yell at refs.

And finally, where will you be tonight for the National Championship game?  I will be here (the one in Westbury).  Enough said.  Wherever you are, enjoy the game.

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