Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Sausage Links

It's Sunday morning.  Smell the bacon cooking from the pan.  Pour some juice, butter that bagel.  Then when you are ready to eat, forget the newspaper.  Sit the laptop next to you on the kitchen table and peruse some juicy college hoops sausage links below.  Enjoy your meal.

Mike Litos has been looking back on the history of the four former America East teams that joined the CAA ten years ago - Delaware, Drexel, Hofstra, and Towson.   It's good ole nostalgia and all four posts are really good reads.  But I have one beef.  I will take Antoine Agudio over Kenny Adeleke any day as one of Hofstra's three all time greats during that span (plus Adeleke transferred from Hofstra under unfortunate circumstances).  Saw them both play countless times and it's not close.  Agudio was definitely the better player, especially during crunch time.

Andy Katz seems to be channeling some mid major mojo in his blog recently.   First it was Hofstra and the relationship between Charles Jenkins and coach Mo Cassara. Then later in the week it was the Butler way.  Now I wholeheartedly agree with Katz that "the Butler name carries significant weight now."  I agree with Katz so much, that I wrote about it...three weeks ago.  I am not bragging mind you, just agreeing with Katz, in a three week retrospective kind of way.

Speaking of retrospective ways, Kyle Whelliston wrote a very interesting article about a very interesting coach, "Coach Jimmy", Jimmy Patsos.  Patsos is the head coach of Loyola Maryland.  He is probably most infamously known for the night he put two guys on Davidson's Stephen Curry for the entire game in November 2008. Curry told his coach Bob McKillop "Coach, I'll just stand in the corner and keep two guys with me and we'll play 4-on-3."  And Curry did just that.  He never scored a point as his teammates went out to a 22 point halftime lead and won 78-48. I wrote about Curry's selfless act the day after the game in November 2008 .

The NY Daily News'  Michael O' Keefe writes an article about Division I"s first transgender player, George Washington's Kye Allums. The article talks about how supportive George Washington and the women's team has been during the transition.

Jeff Eisenberg of the Dagger writes a terrific quick article on Isiah Thomas.  Eisenberg's main argument is that Thomas' actions are hurting Florida International's recruiting efforts   The reaction from FIU's athletic director about Thomas' recent actions is stunning.

The NY Times has a good blog article about NY City metro basketball teams trying to improve through recruiting.

The Times Union talks about how three time defending MAAC champion Siena had to rally to defeat Division II Adelphi in an exhibition game.

The Sports Network has an in depth Missouri Valley Preview.

And finally, if you haven't read my CAA Preview, here it is.  Should definitely get you through your cup of coffee.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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